saddle and fittings

Reproductions of Harley-Davidson Hummer Parts

52000-47 Saddle only, complete, rebuilt, recovered, new springs, as original.* $250.00
*Does not include main support springs. When available
52000-47 Recover your prepared, repainted bare frame. All new springs, canvas, felt.* $150.00
*Does not include 52040-47 main support springs
52040-47 Saddle, main support springs, 2, with bolts, painted $48.00
52066 Kit Complete mounting bracket kit. Side plates, nuts, bolts, spacers, as original. $45.00
52000-48 Solid pan saddle, late 49, 50. With the "U" Strap nose bracket. Complete, recovered.* $250.00
*Does not include main saddle support springs.
52000-48 Solid pan saddle, as above but with the common, second style, long strap pan bracket.* $275.00
*Does not include main support springs. When available.
52068-50 Saddle bracket, original, prepainted. $38.00
52068-63 Saddle bracket, painted, 63-65 $38.00